Preferred Customer Plan

A man replacing a filter in a return, located in the ceiling.

Why Should I Purchase the Preferred Customer Plan?

Your heating and cooling system is very important when it comes to your comfort throughout any season, so why not protect your investment? Regular manintance is a must! 

What is the Preferred Customer Plan?

Pierce Mechanical offers our customers an annul maintenance agreement which helps you  rest easy, and ensure your system is running at peak performance through the seasons. The plan includes two annual checkups on your system. Our technician will come out once in the spring, and once in the fall to diagnose and resolve minor issue before they cause a major problem durning the extreme weather.

What are the Benefits?

Signing up for the Preferred Customer Plan will give you access to a discount of 30% off repairs cost, and 5% off system replacement if replacement is ever a must. Plus when its time to schedule your maintenance you will receive reminders, so you never forget!

What Exactly in Checked During the Inspection?

Our Technicians have a stick check list they follow while maintaining your system. The check list includes: 

  • Inspection of disconnects
  • Checking compactors, and replays
  • Checking high, and low voltage wiring
  • Checking expansion valves 
  • Checking thermostat
  • Checking refrigerant levels 
  • Checking fuses and breakers
  • Checking condenser fan
  • Cleaning outdoor and indoor coils 
  • Tightening electrical connections 
  • Checking voltage
  • Lubrication of motors 
  • Checking the duct work 
  • Cleaning drain line and condensate pan
  • Testing the defrost control board 
  • Testing the reversing valve
  • Checking heating elements
  • Checking gas lines 
  • Checking exhaust piping
  • Clean burners 
  • Cleaning pilot orifice
  • Checking flam sensor and gas pressure 
  • Checking safety controls 
  • Replacing filters (standard size only)
  • Servicing humidifier (filter not included)

How Much Does the Preferred Customer Plan Cost?

The Preferred Customer Plan is only $220 a year for one system, and $80 for each additional system. Payment plans are available. 

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